Create a High Performing Financial Marketing Calendar in 2018

Financial marketing is like meeting a friend for coffee: if it doesn’t get scheduled, it just won’t happen. After you’ve spent time creating a robust financial education or content program, then, the next step is laying it all out on the calendar that will get you the most return for your hard work. A calendar can help you determine your strategic priorities, as well as organize your efforts. But it’s not set in stone. Here are some three considerations while planning:

Major milestones and events

Do the major milestones first. Lay out big events, programs, and promotions months or even a year in advance. Are you planning to do four webinars next year? Three community events? A financial wellness program? Put them on the calendar now—or they probably won’t happen.


Do micro-planning in three-month increments. This is the time to schedule blog posts, social media posts, and emails. Don’t be afraid to get granular: make decisions about specific days, times, and channels, and choose topics for your blog posts and emails. Refer to best practices to help you schedule your emails and blogs. Don’t forget to leverage the data from last year to help you make decisions for this year.


Equally as important as getting your dates is deciding who will do what. Who is writing the blog posts? Who is publishing to social media? Who is sending emails? Who is organizing the webinar? Assign roles, get buy-in, and add names to everything on the calendar. If you have a small team take time to prioritize the tasks so that you know ahead of time what can get accomplished and what can be put on hold.

You might think that scheduling is the final step, but don’t forget to measure the effectiveness of your program by collecting and reporting data that will help you fine-tune the program for the next go-round. Want more ideas on how to create a marketing plan that incorporates financial education? Download our guidebook, The Ultimate Guide to Financial Marketing Success in 2018.