Congratulations to Mr. Novick, the winner of the EVERFI Digital Learning Week Giveaway contest! Nearly 4,000 teachers participated in the contest this year, and we are so excited to be able to award him a $1,000 DonorsChoose gift card.


Winner: Michael Novick

School: The Computer School

State: New York

Subjects Taught: STEAM

Grades Taught: Grades 6 + 7



What is your favorite EVERFI course and why? What is your favorite activity or lesson in that course?

Endeavor is my favorite because I love the way it gets my students thinking about their futures. The Perfect Playlist lesson stands out because I think it does a really great job of informing students that their information is being collected and used in many different ways.

How has EVERFI enhanced digital learning in your classroom?

Much of my curriculum is very creative and outside the box. Most students love that freedom and thrive on that, but EVERFI allows my students that crave structure a chance to shine and receive feedback in a more immediate way.

Do you have any interesting or entertaining student stories or anecdotes involving something they learned using EVERFI?

My students really enjoyed becoming familiar with the different STEM careers. It led to many conversations about salaries and the cost of living which seemed like a relatively new concept for my 6th graders.

Why is digital learning important to you and your teaching practice?

Students know that if they want to know something, they can Google it. As a teacher, that really shifts my role. I am a curator and facilitator of knowledge and I try to present ideas to my students in a meaningful way. To me, digital learning is not just the act of them taking a course on the computer, but it’s them understanding all that goes into that. Even explaining EVERFI to them as a concept and how and why there are sponsors and why if they’re under 13 they don’t have to take surveys but if they’re over 13 they do. All of these are conversations I have so there is full transparency which is so important.

What is one interesting or fun fact about you?

My undergraduate degree is in Cinema & Cultural Studies which helped me create an entire unit using radio and television sitcoms to teach American History through Media. I also have the best dog on earth.

What do you hope to purchase with the $1,000 DonorsChoose gift card?

I’m hoping to put it toward a 3D Printer or an Ozobot Evo Classroom Kit.

Anything else you want to share with our teacher network?

EVERFI is a great resource and a wonderful way to supplement curriculum, but teachers that are part of the network probably know that 🙂 If anyone is interested in the cool stuff happening at the Computer School, check out my class page:

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