Today we’re featuring an excerpt from Daya, a scholarship winner from British Columbia who recently earned her Mental Wellness Basics certification. Daya shares how the lessons she learned from Mental Wellness Basics will help her build better relationships and provide her with the tools to become a successful pediatrician. Congratulations to Daya for being one of our scholarship recipients! 



Student: Daya

Teacher: Andrea Wilson

School: Senator Reid Elementary

Territory: British Columbia




I have always had many big dreams, but when I was in grade 3, I started to be more excited about things like getting a good job, and getting into a university. As a child, I have always been fascinated by many jobs, including a doctor, dentist, archeologist, and astronaut. But it wasn’t up until grade 5 that I discovered the thing I truly wish to do for the rest of my life. When I’m older, I hope to be a pediatrician. I have always been pretty great with children, and science has always fascinated me.

When I’m older, I want to get into the University of British Columbia or University of Victoria, which I know won’t be easy, but EVERFI has already helped me so much! When I first started the EVERFI program, I didn’t know much about mental health, but EVERFI has truly deepened my understanding of mental health. I learned about what people with things like anxiety are going through on a day-to-day basis, and how I can help them. As EVERFI has taught me, it’s important to know when to get involved, and when to get a professional involved. No matter how much a person may ignore receiving professional help, sometimes it is needed.

I also learned to ask for help, whether it’s for cleaning up a mess, or sorting out feelings, it is important to ask for help when you need it. And not just that, but asking for help can deepen relationships whether you’re helping out, or receiving help. This can help me as a kid, because by talking to others, I can deepen my understanding of mental health even more, and I can deepen relationships too. This can help me as a pediatrician, because someone might ask me for help, but it may not be within my abilities to help them with that, for example: when a child goes from being an excellent, straight-A student to, acting up all the time and getting lot’s of F’s, it would be a time to tell them to see a psychiatrist or councillor.

Another important thing EVERFI has taught me about is when you have a problem, you should talk it out with someone, or use a coping strategy to calm yourself down, rather than drinking or smoking. I find it funny how our daily lives are so connected to mental health. If you think about it, you probably have coping strategies you use, like I write in my journal everyday, and I do it so often, it just feels like a routine rather than a coping strategy. And my sister reads everyday, she’ll read a book and make connections to the storyline about her day. I could go on and on about coping strategies, but I think you get it!

I hope you liked my writing and will take my submission into consideration, but, there is something I must say, thank you. Thank you EVERFI for everything you have taught me, I will continue to use my knowledge of mental health throughout the rest of my life, thank you.”

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