Transitioning your strategy to digital marketing for your retail bank can revolutionize your financial institution. By creating and customizing a digital strategy, your retail bank has the potential to reach more customers than ever before.

Here are 5 ideas to create a digital marketing strategy that will attract the right customers for your bank.



Most potential customers look for a financial institution with authority. The best way to establish yourself as an authority in the digital world is creating educational materials that give financial advice and information.

While blogs still have a place in digital marketing, videos are quickly becoming the most popular content medium. Videos are easy to digest and very shareable on social media. Blogs are terrific for attracting the serious prospect who want more information. Videos, however, have a mass appeal and can draw potential customers who were not previously considering your financial institution.


Learn Digital Marketing Tips

To stay relevant and competitive in this new economy, your financial institution must be part of the digital conversation, but where do you start?


Social Media Presence

In 2018, there are few banks who do not have any digital presence. However, in order to run a successful digital marketing campaign, it is necessary to go beyond a standard Facebook page. You need to expand your retail bank’s web presence.

Each social media platform has its strengths, so utilize each of them to create a multichannel campaign. The key to a successful campaign is creating one that is cohesive, consistent and striking. By utilizing multiple platforms, you will reach more potential customers and become a more substantial authority.


Mobile Optimization

Most online research is done through the convenience of a smartphone. If your website and corresponding digital ad campaigns are not optimized for mobile usage you run the risk of looking out of date, and not reputable.

Each area of your digital marketing should be tested for mobile-optimization. This includes emails, ads and landing pages. Is your website mobile responsive? Since this is how most of your potential customers will view your ads and website material, it should look professional and flawless. This is not an area where “good enough” will do. In order to convert customers, your advertising must be tailored to their mobile usage.

Live Chat

In order to convert casual watchers, readers and scrollers into clients, they need to be able to contact you. The easier you make it for them to reach out to you, the more customers you will attract.

A pop-up live chat, readily available contact forms and easy to access contact information will make it simple and easy for your customers to reach you. It is especially important to have this on the landing page from advertising campaigns and eliminate the need to jump from page to page. You can severely decrease the amount of time it takes to turn a site visitor to a customer by implementing a live chat. The fewer steps you make them take, the more website visitors you will convert to customers.



A FAQ page on your financial institution’s website will go far in turning casual visitors into customers. Most people make their banking decisions long before they will contact you. They prefer to learn about you and your services before speaking with a representative. A lack of online information will deter them from searching your site any further and they will actually be less likely to contact you. By creating a FAQ, you can sell your bank and give useful information that can convert customers.


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