This spring, we launched a national student blog competition amongst the 150,000+ K-12 students who recently completed an EVERFI learning course. We asked these students to share their thoughts on a variety of topics including the impact the learning experience has had on their lives and the decisions they’ll make going forward. We also asked them to share the dreams they have for the future and how their recent EverFi certification has shaped those future plans.

We received thousands of entries from students across 32 states and we’ve been truly moved by their inspiring stories. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all the students who submitted entries – you’ve made the job of our consideration committee a very difficult one.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce our four national winners and to share their stories with you.

Winner #1

Savannah H.
Tucker Creek Middle School, NC
Teacher: Ann Frazier

Over the last couple of years, talk about finances has increased in frequency in my environment. Everyone was trying to stress the importance of getting a jump start on learning about taxes, loans, savings and credit/debit cards. Although I understood what they were trying to explain to me, I didn’t realize how in depth it could get. I thought that since I understood the basics and that there was no need to dive deeper.

I stand corrected. After my teacher explained the EverFi Vault – Understanding Money program and I created my account, the information was endless. It was presented in a user friendly environment organized in modules with tests, games and audio. There was even a financial vocabulary bank.

Along with teaching me the information, it gave me situations where I could apply the skills I was learning. Topics such as being cautious with money, protecting your personal information, and most importantly for me, certificate of deposits, were stressed.

Before going through Vault, I was saving up for college in a regular savings account. I received money from special occasions, and earned a small amount of interest for keeping the money in the account. However, after I went through the module on certificate of deposits, I realized it would be better if I transferred my money to a CD because it would increase my amount of interest. Although you do have to wait a certain amount of years before withdrawing, I don’t need to worry about it due to the fact that college is still several years away.  I discussed this with my mom, and I am getting one soon!

Because of EverFi, I have become even more financially aware and I am using that knowledge to benefit my future. Without it, I would not be as prepared to tackle the real world. Thank you, EverFi!

Winner #2
Daniela M.
John F. Kennedy Memorial High School, NJ
Teacher: Danielle Sawyer

Throughout high school, I pretty much avoided any type of business or finance classes. I was so sure that concepts like supply and demand, inflation and interest, and insurance and investing, were in another language completely and therefore lost to me entirely. The truth is, I regret not taking more business classes because of all of the topics and lessons I’ve learned in the EverFi course are the most applicable and will have the biggest impact on my life and my future.

As a senior, I have been faced with many difficult decisions about the next steps after graduation. All of my peers and classmates are transitioning into new stages of their lives and are on the verge on entering the real world. I feel lucky to have gone through the EverFi modules when I did, because I feel confident enough to embrace important financial decisions rather than run from them. EverFi has been a great tool in comprehending financial concepts that will continue to help me make responsible decisions.

Stepping into the real world, all of us are expected to make informed choices as we encounter new experiences, like purchasing a car, or opening up a credit card.  Before the EverFi course, I would have delegated all these decision to my parents. Now, however, I am ready to embark on a journey equipped with knowledge and confidence to make the best choices for my personal situation. EverFi, and its gift of knowledge, has not only prepared me for the transition into the next phase of my life, but it has also transformed my attitude toward the future from reluctance to excitement. Knowledge is power and with EverFi in my arsenal, I am confident about the future.

Winner #3
Amelia H.
Hoover High School, AL
Teacher: Glenith Moncus

While going through the EverFi Financial Literacy modules this year, I learned a lot about making wise financial choices that can lead to monetary success and security later in life.  By far, the most impactful lessons to me were on credit and financing higher education.

Before working on EverFi, I thought all debt was bad.  But, the course taught me about good debt – when what you’re purchasing, or investing in, will increase in value. For instance, houses can increase in value and having a college degree raises the potential to make more money throughout your life.  I am frugal and good at saving, so spending money I don’t have isn’t something I feel comfortable with, which the course reinforced by explaining the differences between good and bad debt. EverFi helped me understand the reasons why I may want to invest in college, or a house at some point, and thus adapted my perspective. Now I understand that many responsible people go into good debt at some point in their lives because it is rare to have enough money to pay for college, or to buy a house out of pocket, especially for young adults.

Though I feel better about applying for credit, I will always be cautious and not go overboard because EverFi has taught me that debt can have a negative impact in many aspects of life.  For example, having a poor FICO credit score can discourage employers from hiring someone.  Although being in debt can be detrimental to many aspects of one’s life, I will feel more secure when applying for college loans in the near future because those expenses are an investment in my future and can help me make more money over time.  Overall, the EverFi Financial Literacy course has helped me understand investments and has given me confidence that I can handle both simple and complex monetary decisions now and as an adult.

Winner #4
Onajia S.
Mayfield/Graves County Area Tech, KY
Teacher: Jaime Moyers

For a little over a year now, it’s been constantly on my mind. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about it. It’s nearness is a motivation to keep me doing well in school – a borderline obsession.


I am just one of the millions of other high school students who are currently in the “Research” step of the Student Loan Life Cycle and, prior to the EverFi program, I was a nervous wreck – well, I still am.  But my hours of sleep have definitely increased all because of the “Financing Higher Education” module in the EverFi course – an absolute miracle.

This module prepared me to attain my goal of college through acquiring vital information and engaging in a hands-on, interactive experience. Being in the “Research” step of the Student Loan Life Cycle, I highly value any and all information I can get, since this is completely new to me. I am now confident that next year as a senior, I’ll easily understand the difference between a loan and a grant, to avoid any confusion down the road.  And since I already had practice filling out F.A.F.S.A. forms, thanks to EverFi, I know this will be a breeze. The Financing Higher Education module will no doubt make my transition from the “Research” step of the Student Loan Life Cycle into the “Apply” step an easy one!  Thank you, EverFi!

Congratulations to our national winners!