U.S. Bank led a budgeting activity with Balboa High School’s seniors in Michael Rosenberg’s Economics class. Before the activity, U.S. Bank asked students what their favorite part of EVERFI was. Students said “I learned that I should have a budget and different ways to do so” and “I learned that credit score is really important if you want to get a loan”. Students were then broken into groups of four and assigned a job title per group with a corresponding salary. They then had to make financial decisions as part of their budget. Many students were surprised to learn how many different financial obligations they will have after high school. The biggest surprise to students was the amount of taxes they have to pay. “Is that really how much they take out?!” exclaimed one student. Others opted out of many entertainment options and one went as far as to say “I guess I don’t need lights if that’s how much electricity costs!”. Overall, students were thoroughly engaged and learned how important it is to think about and budget for the expenses of everyday living.

Schools Manager: Caitlin O’Connor
Teacher: Michael Rosenberg
School: Balboa High School, San Francisco Unified
City: San Francisco, CA
Course: EVERFI Financial Literacy; U.S. Bank Financial Genius