Before my visit on Thursday, the Director of the Salvation Army Center in Vancouver, WA, told me a story about a 4th grade boy using Vault whose parents were pleasantly surprised to hear he wanted to open a savings account. As long as he kept his grades up, they said, his mom would open one up for him at the end of the school year. I got to meet Lamar during my visit, and had a whole conversation about finances – how he understands there are always choices to be made, and how he thought hard about what he would spend his birthday money on (he bought Call of Duty:).

I was warned he was feeling grumpy on Thursday, so even though we had a great conversation, here he is in all of his grumpy glory! He later laughed, but I think these pictures are great as is.

Schools Manager: Jessie Stone
Teacher: Captain Laura & Anna Marneris
School: Salvation Army Center
City: Vancouver, WA
Course: Vault