Today we’re featuring an excerpt from Jacob, a scholarship winner from Pennsylvania who recently earned his FutureSmart certification. Congratulations to Jacob for being one of our scholarship recipients!


Student: Jacob H.

Teacher: Ms. Murdock

School: Pittsburgh Gifted Center

State: Pennsylvania

Sponsor: The MassMutual Foundation



“I always dream of having a successful future. Where I can be happy, and not have to worry about my finances. EVERFI is bringing me one step closer to that goal. I’ve started to do chores often, and try to make money anyway I can.

I have learned a lot from EVERFI. One of the most important things I have learned from EVERFI, was in the Future Smart course. The thing that kept popping up throughout that course was “Even if you save a few dollars every once in awhile, it will add up.” Thanks to that theme I start to save money anyway I can. I am certain this will be useful in the future, as it is already a habit of mine to save money. When I get a job, I will only be able to save more. Eventually building up enough, so when I need money, I have some ready.

Another extremely important piece of advice I learned was “needs before wants.” This is really important advice. I learned that needs are what you need to live. Wants are what you don’t need, but would be nice to have. If you buy what you need first, then you may have some money left over for some wants. But, if you buy wants first, and you don’t have the money for all your needs, then you might have a rough time without all your needs.

Also, I learned about insurance, which is very important. If you damage your house, car, or even get sick, if you have insurance, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for property damage or your physical health. Car insurance will pay for damage done to your car. Health insurance will cover hospital bills. Also, home insurance will help pay for damage done to your house. Insurance can turn payments that cost thousands, into just hundreds of dollars, making this a need later in life.

The last useful thing I learned from EVERFI was budgeting. Budgeting is very important. If you budget you won’t spend more money than you should. Budgeting is making a plan on how you spend your money over a period of a time, taking into account how much your expenses will be. If you don’t budget, you could spend more money than you have. That could lead to not being able to afford needs or bills

EVERFI has helped me so much now. When I go to a store I see where I’m going to go and how much I’m going to spend to make sure I can afford everything. When I make money I make sure to save even a few dollars. I buy my lunch food before I buy any games. Also, I have my mind set on getting insurance. These are great habits to have now and will get stronger when I get older. I’m so happy that I have taken these courses, and I can’t wait to see how helpful these pieces of advice will be in the future.”

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