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This month, we are highlighting resources to foster career awareness and bring career development education into your classroom. Leading research indicates that most students form their career aspirations by age 14, a compelling rationale to bring career exploration front and center during the critical upper-elementary and middle school years.

“A big push in education right now is to have kids look towards the future, consider career options, and prepare for it. It is good to see that EVERFI has included many aspects of this to reinforce what we’re working towards.”

-Trevor Neufeld, Stoneybrook Middle School, Hanover School Division, Manitoba

Because we know how important career preparedness is for K-12 students, we’re showcasing different aspects of our courses to engage students in evaluating opportunities. This month and all year, let’s encourage students to investigate potential career paths to prepare them for life after K-12 education. To help you celebrate Career Development Month with your students, here are two printable posters for your classroom:

Looking for more ways to infuse career education in your lessons? Try an activity from Vault, Endeavor, FutureSmart or Venture! Login to your teacher center and click Courses+ to add one of the resources below and get started with your students this month:

Graphic of four cartoon persons in a computer monitor.Vault – Understanding Money™

Grades 4 – 6

Students evaluate different career options based on interests, knowledge and abilities required for each. In one activity, they match a character’s talents and interests to the appropriate career and are provided feedback.

Check out Module 2: Income and Careers  in the Vault Curriculum Guide.  


Endeavor – STEM Career Exploration™

Grades 6 – 9

Learners engage with interactive content that reinforces key STEM skills while exploring exciting STEM careers that await. Throughout the lessons, students can select and save the careers that interest them the most.

Check out Career Cards  in the Endeavor Curriculum Guide.  



Grades 6 – 8

Students identify their interests, skills and values and complete a “Blueprint” through a series of activities in which they identify and prioritize personal, financial, education and career goals.

Check out Investing in You  in the FutureSmart Curriculum Guide.  



Venture – Entrepreneurial Expedition™

Grades 9 – 12

Students go through their own personal journey of becoming an entrepreneur and build an  e-Portfolio: a dynamic, visual representation of their personalized business plan and personal career goals.

Check out Lesson 2: The Entrepreneur in You  in the Venture Curriculum Guide.