Today we’re featuring an excerpt from Zoanna, a scholarship winner from Texas who recently earned her EVERFI Financial Literacy certification. Congratulations to Zoanna for being one of our scholarship recipients!


Student: Zoanna E.

Teacher: Mrs. Wong

School: Phoenix Middle College

State: Texas

Sponsor: MassMutual | FutureSmart Foundation



“This EVERFI course has taught me a whole lot about how to responsibly manage my credit, pay with the money that I know I have, and saving my money with interest-earning accounts. However, most importantly with these skills that I have now, I do not have to be scared anymore about messing up terribly and losing my money in the future.

My family doesn’t have the greatest history with credit. Both of my parents have student loans that have been neglected over the years, leading them both into $80,000 of debt.

My mom and my dad tried using credit cards to improve their credit, but without knowing that they weren’t able to keep up the payments. Things spiraled south. Then, from those mistakes, my dad went bankrupt before he was thirty and my mom owes many collections agencies. This whole situation made me terrified of loans, as I watched my mom and dad get turned down for car, home, and small cash loans.

I have always been self-conscious about putting money into savings. I was afraid, having little knowledge about these different types of accounts and how they work. I felt that my mistakes could make me lose a lot of money as well. I was unable to distinguish what resources were out there, how to calculate savings, or even how much money to put into a savings account. Now that I have more knowledge and information from this course, on the different types of savings accounts and retirement plans, I feel that I can confidently use these accounts and save my money responsibly for bigger things later on. I find this important since now I can dream to have a happy future with a stable home, car, and family.

The EVERFI Financial Literacy course gave me a better understanding of different accounts and how to calculate the interest, without getting charged withdrawal fees. Which gives me the knowledge of which ones are right for certain situations and which ones have better interest. Over time this will gradually build up and help me to have more money on hand when I need it.

In conclusion, using these topics in this course has helped me gain confidence, become less afraid of managing my finances, and gave me peace of mind. This is all important to me because it has me knowing more about how to maintain a healthy relationship with my finances to give myself a good future. EVERFI has helped me realize I can reach my goals and make them all happen, while helping my family recover their debt.

Now that I’ve learned more about how to control my credit and keep it stable, I feel that I can help my family and keep myself from making those same mistakes. We can start making changes even today thanks to this course.

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