K-12 Edutopia 2

Maximizing Financial Wellness for Students During Financial Literacy Month

Join the 50,000 teachers who are already implementing EverFi courses across the U.S. and Canada.

At EverFi, we’re focused on supporting teachers with great digital content. We understand the immense commitment that teachers put forth in the classroom and beyond and are focused on finding ways to help them enrich the student learning experience. We partner with the private sector to bring you this engaging digital content and the necessary professional development free of charge.

In honor of financial literacy month, we recommend implementing two resources in your classroom: Vault & EverFi

Both resources empower students to be smart financial decision makers by leveraging interactive games and real-life financial scenarios to teach topics such as budgeting, saving, credit cards & interest rates, financing higher education and more.

All of our courses:

  • Provide teachers with pre and post assessment data for each learner
  • Come with additional supplemental offline lesson plans to facilitate a blended learning environment
  • Map to the appropriate standards (such as Jump$tart and Next Generation Science Standards) for each content area.

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