EVERFI spotlights teacher Lori Blank, who brings financial education to life with Vault, EVERFI’s online financial education program. She also uses EVERFI’s Ignition and Hockey Scholar programs to help her students learn critical STEM skills.

Lori BlankLori Blank is an instructional technology teacher at Lafayette School in Everett, MA. A true EverFi champion, Lori uses Vault with over 500 students. She also has her middle schoolers complete Ignition and Hockey Scholar in order to learn critical STEM skills.

Why do you use Vault – Understanding MoneyTM in your class?
It is so important to teach students the importance of being responsible with their money. I use Vault in grades 4-8 and have seen my students building skills and really understanding more about financial concepts that will help them in the future. Parents have approached me to tell me how valuable they think it is that I am teaching their children to understand money. They wish that they had learned these things when they were young.

What do you like about the program?
I like that Vault is user-friendly. It is easy for my students to use, and it can be done on any computer whether it is at school, home or the library. I also like that it engages all types of learners with multi-media content; contains pre, post, and formative assessments for evidence-based learning; and has certificate-based skill development.

With the many online programs that are available today for schools, why do you choose to use EverFi?
EverFi’s programs bring their topics to life for the digital generation. Real-life scenarios do the work of tying all the pieces together. My students stay motivated and engaged because they’re learning things that apply to their life, and they earn badges and certificates along the way. The other great fact is that the programs are totally free to schools because of sponsors like the NHL, MassMutual, and community banks who foot the bill.