Today we’re featuring an excerpt from Jenna, a scholarship winner from New Jersey who recently earned her Character Playbook certification. Congratulations to Jenna for being one of our scholarship recipients!


Student: Jenna

Teacher: Mrs. Carolyn Videla

School: New Egypt High School

State: New Jersey

Sponsor: United Way of New York City



“A time of uncertainty, trying to please others, and just trying to figure out who you are. Teenage life is complicated. We go through many different trials and tribulations through the years and have many bumps along the way. Sometimes we don’t understand each other or even ourselves. Longing to be something or held up to a certain standard. One of the most important things though is to never lose our character or who we really are. Some of the most important lessons that I have learned on EVERFI that helped me believe this were Analyzing Influences, Understanding Managing Emotions, and Making Decisions.

Initially, the lesson of analyzing my influences will really help me in my current life or even in the future because right now in high school you always have pressure to hold up to what’s new, cool, or what the majority are wearing. It will help me right now because while I’m out I can really think to myself, do I want this because it’s popular or do I just want it for myself? I can really think about how social media/ regular media affect me. Instead of trying to look the way everyone else is I can think to put myself first.Furthermore, Understanding/Managing Emotions will really help me now because everyday I am faced with a type of situation whether big or small. This lesson helps me really understand myself. When I have an issue I can go through the motions or the steps. I know how to deal with or approach the situation in a way that is positive or won’t negatively affect my life.

Finally, the lesson of Making Decisions will greatly help me. This lesson helped me Identify my character and what I valued. As well it will help me weigh the pros and cons of each serious decision to help me get the best outcome. This really helps me realize which decisions are really serious and which ones are very easy.

In conclusion, in the uneasy ups and downs of daily life, every decision or action I take can change me for the better or for worse. The lessons of Analyzing Influences, Understanding/Managing Emotions, and Making Decisions have really made me better as a person. They have shown how to act, conduct yourself in difficult situations, or even appreciate my own individual vanity.

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