Paving the Way with FutureSmart | Scholarship Winner

Today we’re featuring an excerpt from Hannah, a scholarship winner from Massachusetts who recently earned her FutureSmart certification. Congratulations to Hannah for being one of our scholarship recipients!

Student: Hannah K.

Teacher: Holly Raposo

School: Argosy Collegiate Charter School

State: Massachusetts

Sponsor: The MassMutual Foundation

“Like William Shakespeare once said, ‘Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.’ In this generation every single child has to be great in order to achieve their goals and aspirations in life. It all starts so young and every single thing you learn builds upon each other, and creates the building blocks you need to be successful.

Often times children, and teens learn the very crucial information about the real world. Yes of course, learning how to write an essay, or learning ratios are important, but learning how to survive and manage your life when you go into the real world is even more important. That’s why FutureSmart is so important for children to learn important life skills like learning to finance, and insurance, and accounts. The skills that you learn on FutureSmart stay with you so you are not stuck when these issues come to play in your life.

I want to be a pediatrician when I grow up. This career choice of mine is very demanding and calls for many years in college. Our teachers talk about the importance of going to college, but talking about the finances is very frowned upon. College can get really expensive fast. With no one really talking about the other side of college, it seems like a big scary monster when it doesn’t have to be. With FutureSmart the big scary monster seems reasonable because for the first time in my life I finally learned how to get the money I need to be great, and be successful.

In fact, the average college debt in 2016 is $37,172. Before FutureSmart I had so many questions, but it brought clarity to all of the questions that I had about my college fees and more. Before I knew how to manage my expenses, I didn’t think I would be able to go to college, but now I see the light at the end of the tunnel and understand that I can get a higher education and not be in complete debt afterward.

Being in the medical field is a true labor of love, and requires hard work and dedication. In order for my dream job to come true, and to do the things I am most utterly passionate about I have to take the next step and further my education. In my family, no one has gone to college. I want to be the new generation in my family that changes my way of life for the better. I want to start a new wave of greatness in my family. I want to be the change. I will face every challenge in my life with an open mind, and I will use what I know to help me discover what I don’t. I will pave the way for many to come. I will pave greatness.

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