Last week, the National Fitness Foundation and EVERFI celebrated National Physical Fitness & Sports Month at a Baltimore-area elementary school. Twenty-five students gathered in the Armistead Gardens Elementary School gym to showcase what they learned during My Fitness Journey, a digital course designed to empower elementary school students with the tools to make healthy and informed fitness and nutrition decisions. In line with the theme of the month, students discussed the importance of staying active through sports and fitness, as well as how to stay healthy with balanced nutrition.

The celebration kicked off with the school’s principal, Ms. Doering, applauding the students for their accomplishments on the course.

“The fitness and nutrition concepts you learned during My Fitness Journey are going to have a lasting impact on your life. I am so proud, as principal of this school, to see you all make healthy decisions while at school and I hope you’ll carry these lessons into life outside of school.”

Driving Innovation in Physical Education

Using Digital Technology to Empower a Healthier Generation: How the National Fitness Foundation is Innovating Physical Education in Schools across the Country

After remarks from Ms. Doering and Meredith Aronson, the Director of Strategy for the National Fitness Foundation, three student ambassadors demonstrated their knowledge of nutrition by building healthy meals in the My Fitness Journey course. As each student created a meal for the course mascot Chester, they were tasked to decide the best components of a balanced meal by focusing on the five major food groups.

“On the computer, I learned that you should have a balanced lunch, breakfast, and dinner. You can learn how to be healthy because you’re making your own choices,” said one of the ambassadors, Nathaniel.

The students then broke into small groups to discuss the choices they make throughout the day that allow them to stay healthy and active. As they talked about their favorite sports, snacks, and activities, it was clear that the students understood the importance of making healthy choices now and as they grow older. “It’s important for people to learn so they know what to eat when they’re older,” said Nathaniel. “My Fitness Journey can inspire you to make healthy decisions all the time,” added another student, Sarai.

To end the celebration, the group played a fun trivia game testing them on the nutrition and fitness concepts from the course. Each question challenged them to apply what they had learned to real life scenarios and the students enthusiastically raised their Chester paddles to answer each question. The school’s physical education teacher, Mr. Alonso, was proud of his students accomplishments and was impressed with their progress throughout the program.

“Once a week is not enough for them to get it. My Fitness Journey connects the dots so they can continue to apply what I teach outside of my classroom.”

The My Fitness Journey pilot program was launched in the fall of 2017. Since then, the program has reached over 770 students across five different regions in the country. As the program moves into its second year, the Foundation will look to expand to new regions to continue to bring this important course to more students.

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