Today we’re featuring an excerpt from Sara, a scholarship winner from British Columbia who recently earned her EVERFI – Financial Literacy certification. Congratulations to Sara for being one of our scholarship recipients!

Student: Sara L.

Teacher: Ksena Tatomir

School: Britannia Secondary School

Province: British Columbia

Sponsor: EVERFI

“Among my personal goals and dreams for the future is to graduate from university as a specialized doctor. I want to be able to help those in need of medical assistance, and I really do think I can make a positive impact on lives of future patients. When I saw, visually, the significant difference between someone who has graduated with no post-secondary education, someone who graduated with certification, and someone who completed a bachelor’s course in the EVERFI lesson, I became more inspired and motivated to continue pursuing my dream.

It is no question that university requires budgeting, saving, planning, and a strong foundation of financial knowledge in order to graduate with the least amount of debt possible. The significance of all these important life lessons has been thoroughly shown in the Financial Literacy EVERFI course. This course has allowed me to recognize that it is never too early to start saving to achieve my dream.

I now know the immediate steps I will take to prepare for the financial investment of university. The EVERFI course has shown the importance of reflecting on which option is best for me by assessing my own current situation. I learned that even if one thing works well for one person, that does not always mean that it is the best option for everyone else.

The EVERFI lesson on Higher Education widened my exposure to possible options and paths I can take now, even while still attending secondary school, to prepare for my future. I have been inspired to apply for grants and scholarships from online and in my local library, for school subjects that I enjoy, skills that I have, for art, and even scholarships for vegetarians, which I recently discovered through this lesson. With the new knowledge I gained from this EVERFI course, I am confident that I will be able to save significantly more money for university and achieve my dreams with less worries.

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