To wrap up the first semester of the 2013-14 school year, EVERFI asked students who completed one of our courses, to share the lessons they learned and how they will adapt their future behavior, in the form of a blog. We were ecstatic to receive thousands of inspirational anecdotes from students nationwide and hear first-hand how earning a certification has made a positive impact on their daily activities.

Today, we are thrilled to announce our  four contest winners, and to share their reflections. A huge thank you to our wonderful teachers for encouraging participation and to our students for submitting fantastic entries.

Winner #1
Student from Saline High School, MI
Teacher: Christy McGee
Course: EverFi Financial Literacy

When we were told in my class that we were going to use EverFi, I treated it like any other assignment we had gotten; “Ugh, how long is this going to last? But as I progressed through the program, I quickly realized this is extraordinarily important in terms of my knowledge of personal finance and financial literacy. In addition to providing an eye-opening curriculum regarding the ups and downs of financial aspects and decisions, EverFi delivered the content through engaging and humorous lessons. I learned more than I initially imagined I would through the modules.

One of the most important modules for me was about student loans. I am a senior getting ready to transition into college life next year, and need all the help I can get. I was not aware of FAFSA and the consequences of private loans prior to EverFi. This program has inspired me to apply for FAFSA and feel better about managing my college finances. Through other modules, I learned what to look for when applying for a credit card, when to and not to give out my bank information to prevent fraud, ways to invest my money, how to save, differences between renting and owning, credit scores, and more. Because of EverFi, I watch my spending a lot more and keep track of all of my purchases. I recently asked my parents to help me open my own savings account too.

EverFi changed the way I look at my finances. Before I went through this program, I was always a bit nervous when talking about credit cards, loans, and investing because I was clueless about them. These modules gave me the confidence to delve into them. Thank you, EverFi.

Winner #2

Ibukun O.
Hillcrest High School, ID
Teacher: Emily Juckett
Course: EverFi Financial Literacy

Payday! This is my favorite word, literally and metaphorically. On average, when Payday comes around, it is usually a day of celebration and jubilation. This is also the truth when it comes to being paid in knowledge. With my completion of the EverFi Financial LiteracyProgram, I have been paid in a different way with a newfound understanding of the world of money.Before EverFi, I believed that earning money was a cyclic process. We as humans wake up, go to work, do our jobs, receive money, and repeat. However, with the EverFi modules, a new perspective has dawned upon me. I now understand the world of money, taxes, tax forms, stocks, and most pressingly, methods to pay for college. As I have grown and matured in the way I handle my personal finances, I have come to realize how much I was missing and how important it is that I, along with my fellow students, understand the significance of proper money management. It is important for us, the fabled future generation, to do our part to maintain a personal and public awareness regarding money matters. As we enable ourselves to allocate and appropriate funds, we further increase our capacity, thus stimulating and creating an environment that is conducive to economic process and prowess. With this, we, as students, should strive to educate and equip ourselves with the tools and skills to further improve our economy and raise awareness for those not necessarily as informed as us. We should do our part to understand the circumstances, rules, and regulations of our monetary world in order to enhance the standard of our expectations and achievements.

Winner #3

Gabrielle A.
Elite Scholars Academy, GA
Teacher: Elizabeth Brakebill
Course: EverFi Financial Literacy

As a high school senior, I have become increasingly aware of the day-to-day financial decisions that I will incur as a college freshman. Personally, I have never had a true understanding of concepts such as investments and savings. Although I always see my mom handling the finances within our household, what she was actually doing seemed very vague to me. After completing this EverFi course, I was able to alleviate a lot of the worries that I was beginning to have about my future financial status as a college student. I now understand when and how to responsibly use a credit card. I have also realized the importance of maintaining a savings account. As a result, I have made an active effort to spend frugally and set aside some of earnings on a regular basis. That way, once I am living on my own, I will be living comfortably because of my spending habits. As I enter college within the next few months, I am confident that I will be able to be successful on my own and make wise financial decisions. Thanks to EverFi, I am ready for my future! Are you?


Winner #4
Larissa B.
Quabaog Regional High School, MA
Teacher: Nancy Zabka
Course: Ignition – Digital Literacy & Responsibility

As I worked to receive my EverFi digital literacy certification, I built  important information and skills, which apply directly to internet.  Picking which computer is the correct match for you, avoiding viruses, and what I believe to be the most useful – Netiquette. I also learned how to treat fellow users properly online and how to avoid escalation of a situation, which could even be deemed as bullying.

I knew that cyber-bullying was a severe problem, though I never knew it could intensify to such extreme length – even to the point in which the person feels unsafe.  What I also found to be rather appalling, and much of a shock, was the fact that in most cases, the cyber-bully is a friend or ally to the victim, as compared to a person that they do not know personally. I would have never expected a person that the victim feels comfortable around to do such a horrible thing, and hearing this begins to make me wonder if I’ve bullied any of my own friends? Have my jokes been interpreted much more seriously than I had intended?  Thanks to this module in particular, I am sure to keep tabs on my actions online, and be cautious of what I say. From this point forward, I do plan on consistently questioning whether I am cyberbullying.

Overall, EverFi was an entertaining and engaging program to use, yet extremely useful and informative.  I learned material that I would have never expected to find or understand had an alternate method of teaching been used. It was a wonderful program, and I am sure that it will have a major impact on my digital life in the future.