We all have had a teacher who completely changed our reality – who inspired us to do and be better and to push ourselves to the fullest potential. But how many of people get to share their “grown-up” lives with their K-12 mentors post-graduation? Lucky for us, each and every day the EVERFI’s Schools Team works with those educators who once inspired you and me.

Today we’re highlighting a few extra special connections across the EVERFI Network– EVERFI team members who now get the pleasure of supporting (and thanking!) their favorite former teachers from their time in school. Here are their stories:


Thomas Witterschein

Economics Teacher


EVERFI Schools Manager: Amanda Popolo Vartabedian

School: Ramapo High School in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Courses Thomas Witterschein Uses: EVERFI – Financial Literacy

Local Sponsor: Boiling Springs Savings Bank



Mr. Witterschein was my business teacher my senior year at Ramapo High School – Go Raiders!  I remember enjoying his afternoon Economics AP class, even with a wicked case of Senioritis. Through his teaching, I realized that the study of Economics wasn’t that hard after all. He’s the one who taught me the saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”, and that expression fits in very nicely with my current life as a Schools Manager for EVERFI.  The most impactful memory I have of his class is visiting the World Trade Center only two years after the 9/11 attacks. I believe that trip allowed for my classmates and me to experience this tragedy in a different way, but more importantly, see how resilient the people of NY and NJ are.

I appreciated Mr. Witterschein as my teacher then, and as a partner with EVERFI now.  Thank you, Mr. Witterschein, for all you do for your students at RHS.



Karen Matthews

Social Studies Teacher



EVERFI Schools Manager: Belle Stoker

School: New Ellenton Middle STEAM Magnet

Courses Karen Matthews Uses: Ignition – Digital Literacy




Karen Matthews was one of my 7th-grade teachers in Aiken, South Carolina. Her sense of humor, positive and nurturing attitude coupled with her willingness to think outside the box made every visit to her classroom fun and engaging! After 26 years in education, she continues to be a dedicated teacher who works tirelessly to bring innovative resources into her classroom. Karen was instrumental in bringing digital literacy to the students at New Ellenton STEAM Middle through EVERFI’s Ignition – Digital Literacy and Responsibility program. She recognizes the importance of empowering all students with the skills and mindsets necessary to leverage technology safely and effectively. Through Karen’s help in implementing the program via the school’s advisory program, 216 students at NESMS have become certified in Ignition so far this year!


Marie Fabrizio

Humanities Teacher


EVERI Schools Manager: Karri Ellis

School: Academy of Mount Saint Ursula

Courses Marie Fabrizio Uses: EVERFI – Financial Literacy 

Local Sponsor: Master Your Card




I was fortunate enough to have Mrs. Fabrizio twice in my high school career – first as my Government teacher in my Junior year, and again in my senior year for AP History.  I wanted an “easy” senior year, so I almost didn’t take her AP class in my final year. I’m so glad my 17-year-old-self decided to take her class. Through her class, I learned the importance of thinking critically and discovered a love for the social sciences (a love that drove me to my college major). I am grateful for Mrs. Fabrizio because she was instrumental in preparing me for life after high school. She also taught me important, indirect lessons about how to lead with toughness and kindness. As cheesy as it sounds, you wanted to do good because  Mrs. Fabrizio believed in you and you wanted to honor that belief.  Thank you, Mrs. Fabrizio, for all you taught me and for continuing to go above and beyond to prepare students for life beyond high school.



And to all EVERFI Educators, for everything you do,