In the midst of an unprecedented movement exposing the shortcomings of campus sexual assault policy and response to victims, it’s important to “go upstream” and address the multitude of factors that contribute to the shockingly high rates of sexual violence on our nation’s campuses to begin with. Indeed, prevention education is a critical—and perhaps the most important—component of protecting students and creating safer, healthier campuses.

This summer, EverFi launched Haven – Understanding Sexual AssaultTM, an online learning platform focused on addressing sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking at college.  Slated to reach nearly 300,000 students at over 180 campuses nationwide, Haven combines the power of cutting-edge technology, interactive digital media, and evidence-based content to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for students. Haven also supports campus prevention practitioners as a scalable approach for reaching students, meeting Federal mandates (including the recent Campus SaVE Act), and collecting key data to inform and enhance future programming.

The spotlight of increased accountability on campuses provides an opportunity for leadership and innovation in addressing sexual assault, and the addition of Haven is an invaluable step forward for campus prevention.  To hear more about prevention strategies and the challenges facing students, administrators, and practitioners at IHE’s today, please register for our webinar, A Roadmap for Prevention: Navigating the Landscape of Campus Sexual Assault, on Wednesday, August 7th at 2PM ET.

To learn more about EverFi’s recent launch of Haven, check out our recent press release!