Watch Your Tone: A Guide for Promoting Ethical Leadership in the Corporate WorldThumbnail web

How does unethical behavior thrive in the workplace? It starts with the top. When senior leaders turn a blind eye to corruption and bribery, it’s only a matter of time before employees start ignoring your compliance policies too.

In fact, the Ethics and Compliance Institute’s 2016 Global Business Ethics Survey found that the majority of bribery incidents involve managers-senior managers in 23 percent of cases and middle managers in 32 percent of cases.

How Are You Promoting Ethical Leadership?

Explore strategies and best practices around encouraging ethical leadership in your workplace.

In this whitepaper, we are going to review how you can promote ethical leadership in your organization:

  • Ways senior leadership can undermine company ethics
  • The importance of promoting “tone at the top”
  • Strategies to encourage ethical leadership
  • Why “tone at the middle” matters too

Don’t let unethical behavior undermine your compliance efforts. Download your free copy today.