Unconscious Bias, Stereotypes and Microaggressions: How to Prevent These Subtle Forms of Discrimination from Affecting Your Workplace

unconscious bias thumbnail 2Thanks to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) laws and enforcement, explicit discrimination, such as denying someone employment because they are a minority, has become much less prevalent.

However, that doesn’t mean workplace discrimination has gone away. In fact, workplace discrimination might be more of a problem than ever because it’s become much subtler and harder to recognize.

In this e-book, we will help you identify and prevent these subtle forms of discrimination in your workplace by:

  • Reviewing the three types of subtle discrimination: unconscious bias, stereotypes and microaggressions
  • Explaining how they can turn from harmless comments to discrimination and unlawful harassment
  • Recommending strategies for reducing your organization’s risks

Download our e-book and take the next step toward creating a harassment and discrimination-free workplace culture.