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Build Financial Capability Today, your consumers are likely struggling with their finances From saving for emergencies, to paying for their children's...

Areas of Impact

The Financial Capability Network helps financial institutions connect with communities through technology, financial education and customer engagement.

Marketplaces – Investing Basics

Marketplaces is a single-module investment course in which students learn investment concepts that are needed to intelligently participate in the financial markets.

Sponsor EVERFI@Work

EVERFI@Work is an online financial education platform built to empower your consumers and employees to manage their finances.

Sponsor Vault – Understanding Money

Students dive into a virtual world to learn the basic ins-and-outs of finances. Can you help a friend from space learn the difference between needs and wants?
Grades 4-6

Why It’s Important to Teach Your Students Financial Literacy—and Three Ways to Do It

Teaching financial literacy in the classroom is one promising way to improve financial capacity for today’s young people. Today’s young people face an overwhelming number of complex financial decisions. However, many are unprepared to make informed financial choices as they move into adulthood. In fact, three out of four young adults cannot answer basic financial questions.