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At EVERFI, we know that knowledge is power. That’s why we’re excited to share ours with you. From blog posts and webinars to case studies and guidebooks, our team of technologists, teachers, and education innovators offer expert insight to help you get the most out of our technology.


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Students talking on campus

Perspectives on Fraternity and Sorority Life

New research from the NIC and EVERFI to guide your recruitment and retention efforts.

Webinar | Real World Self Care for Students & Teachers

30 min.

Join us to learn about real-world self care strategies for students and teachers.

Remote Teaching in a Pandemic

Webinar | A Year Like No Other: Educator Perspectives on Teaching in a Pandemic

60 minutes

Hear inspirational stories from educators across the country on how they empowered students through remote learning, mental health challenges, and family financial instability in the pandemic.

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The “C-word”: The Role of Context in Preventing Alcohol-Facilitated Sexual Assaults

Consent is probably the first “c-word” that comes to mind when thinking about the relationship between alcohol and sexual assault, but have you considered context?

Child looking off to the distance mental health

The State of Mental Health: K-12

2020 cast a bright and illuminating spotlight on health and wellness, and amplified an already critical need for awareness and resources dedicated to mental health.

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5 Building Blocks of Effective and Sustainable DEI Strategies

Learn how to authentically create sustainable progress towards your diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments.

Diversity Training:
Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Effective Online Training

Diversity Training in 2021 The importance of diversity training has never been…

Two Co-workers sitting at desks

Evolve Your DEI Strategies for this Moment of Work

60 mins

Join a conversation with the Big Ten Conference's VP of People and Culture on why they are prioritizing training as a critical part of their DEI strategy.

Meet the Student Winners of the EVERFI Black History Month Challenge!

Winner: First Place Daniel F, North Carolina Being an African American male,…

8-min. On-Demand | Responsible Decision Making Mini-Lesson

15 min.

Use this interactive video and discussion questions to talk to your class about responsible financial decisions.

MassMutual Infographic

New Study Reveals Effectiveness of Youth Financial Education

90% of youth taking a financial literacy course saw meaningful knowledge gain. Download the research infographic to learn more.

Financial Literacy Month is More Important Than Ever Before!

As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to end, “preparedness” has taken on new…

Two co-workers arguing

Catchy Slogans Aren't Enough to Prevent Harassment

60 mins

Get employees to play an active role in preventing harassment and discrimination.

Teen Vaping Epidemic: Tools and Strategies to Use in Your Classroom

60 min

Join EVERFI Director of K-12 Programs, Peter Kelpin, as well as guest Amy Taylor from the Truth Initiative for a special release edWebinar on the topic of teen vaping.