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A Dialogue Guide for Greek-Letter Organizations

Data suggests that most fraternity and sorority members are uncomfortable with hazing and don't support it, yet it continues to persist.

Diversity in Tech

Overcome the Challenges of Improving Diversity in Tech

I often remember this conversation as I think about the current set of challenges faced by organizations as they look for ways to diversify their workforce.

Investing in Digital Financial Education Makes Sense. Here is why.

With more than eight in 10 financial institutions reporting they plan to…

10 Mental Health Tips for Teachers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers, school counselors, and school employees have remained…

Women looking at a computer

Why Pay Equity Isn't Really About Pay

Pay equity issues are only a symptom of a broader systemic concern. Address the real root causes.

6 Ways to Embed Mental Wellness into Classroom Culture for High School Students

Young people are experiencing an increase in depression at an alarming rate…

3 Ways Financial Education Programs Can Drive Customer Engagement During COVID-19

Consumers increasingly want to bank remotely and to be engaged digitally, trends…

Corporate Social Responsibility

Congratulations to our fall 2020 scholarship contest winners. Hear their stories.

We’re thrilled to have received so many student entries for the Fall…

Lessons to Explore Women's History Month

Wonder Woman and Women’s History A couple of years ago, I went…

Black woman at whiteboard

What’s Top-of-Mind Today Regarding Diversity, Inclusion, and Harassment in the Workplace?

Diversity, inclusion, and harassment in the workplace have become hot topics as issues around equity and privilege have become more apparent.

Lessons to Address High School Vaping in 2021

It’s no doubt that we are experiencing a growing epidemic of high…

Lesson Ideas and Resources to Honor Holocaust Remembrance Day

On Holocaust Remembrance Day we remember and honor the nearly six million…

Student on Laptop

Creating Engaging Diversity Programs for College Students

Engaging diversity training programs for college students should take into consideration student learning styles and where they are learning.