How Can Your Organization Support Transgender Employees? Learn How From the Experts.

Listen and learn how employers can support and accommodate transgender workers while also maintaining compliance with employment laws. In this one-of-a-kind podcast, a group of prominent authorities in the transgender medicine community tackles the topic of transgender inclusion in the workplace.

They address sensitive issues such as: transgender terminology, name changes and pronouns, legal considerations, what to expect when employees transition and the importance of respect.

Our expert panel includes:

  • Dr. Renee McLaughlin, senior medical director for Cigna
  • Dr. Lisa McBride, Inaugural Chief Diversity officer at PCOM
  • Dr. Anne Koch, founder and past Director of the Postdoctoral Program in Endodontics at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine
  • Sondra Solovay, attorney and Vice President of Content at Workplace Answers

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