We are excited to share our newest insight report, Beyond the March: African American History Appreciation and Conscientious Citizenship. This report uses surveys responses from thousands of students across 27 states via EVERFI’s 306 – African American History™ course. Here are a few things that we learned from their responses:

  • A majority of students (74%) said they believed learning about African American History is important. The small minority of students who don’t value African American History were less likely to report having positive role models in their lives or even positive role models in history.
  • Students who value learning about African American History are more likely to want to solve problems in their community and stand up for what they think is right.
  • Those students who don’t value African American History as much are less likely to engage in that same positive civic engagement behavior.

In the future, we will explore the connection between students’ African American History appreciation and how that affects the choices they make as leaders in their communities. We hope that educators will use this report to start a conversation about the role that African American History instruction plays in their school, not just in the month of February, but throughout the year.