Wage and Hour Training

This course is a supplemental module to our All Employees course and educates supervisors on essential managerial issues, including their role in record keeping, addressing errors, and taking complaints under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Leaves and Absence Management

This 45-minute FMLA course – completely updated to include important new legal changes from 2009 – explains supervisors' responsibilities through the entire process, from pre-leave to post-leave. Its interactive scenarios explain the complex compliance issues, including members of the Armed Services and their caretakers.

Drugs and Alcohol at Work

This 30-minute training course is designed to be the centerpiece of a comprehensive Drug and Alcohol-Free Program, along with a written policy, ongoing education, surveillance, enforcement and treatment that has the goal of resolving and preventing substance abuse issues from affecting the organization.

Data Security

Our data protection course offers vital training for companies doing business in the global economy. Privacy laws around the world dictate the proper handling of personal information by you and the companies you do business with.

Managing Bias

Ask anyone if they’re prejudiced and their response will be “no” – they’re forward thinkers without bias. But we all have biases: some based on fear of the unknown, some on traumatizing experiences, others are culturally ingrained, yet others are so subtle we don’t know they exist.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

The most effective way to a create a workplace free from sexual harassment is to empower your supervisors and give them the tools they need to identify warning signs and follow proper protocols for prevention.

Code of Conduct Training for Employees

Our code of conduct training course educates your employees on how to abide by your organization’s ethical guidelines with every business interaction and transaction.

GDPR Training for Employees

This GDPR training course uses engaging and informative content, including infographics and motion graphics, to explain how the GDPR reshapes the way organizations must approach data privacy and how this applies to employees.

Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention

Using an evidence-based approach, Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention empowers students to make safe and healthy decisions about prescription drugs.