Our network of K-12 teachers is EVERFI’s heartbeat. That’s why we’ve launched Educator Spotlights: Stories from the Classroom. Every couple of months, we’ll invite you inside the classrooms of inspiring educators to get a glimpse into how and why they keep doing what they do. Enjoy!

“What my students like most about Ignition […] is that it ties into real life. It’s things that they’re experiencing right now.”

Teacher:  Kitty Herbel

Subject:  Computer Science, Grades 6-8

School:  Dewitt Waller Junior High School, OK

Resource:  Ignition – Digital Literacy & Responsibility (Grades 6-9)

Dewitt Waller Junior High School educator Kitty Herbel uses Ignition – Digital Literacy & Responsibility to teach her class about responsible digital use. She uses in-class discussion to draw connections between the topics covered in Ignition and what students are experiencing on a daily basis, like texting and cyberbullying. Kitty likes that the lessons are self-grading and that they tie into standards that are easy to align using the additional resources provided in the teacher resource center.

From your EVERFI teacher dashboard, you can access additional resources to complement the online lessons in Ignition, such as discussion guides, lesson plans, and a vocabulary bank.

Learn more about Ignition – Digital Literacy & Responsibility. Want to share a story from your classroom? Reach out to Lisa at ljwright@everfi.com.

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