Teens and Their Financial Futures | Webinar

Helping Gen Z Navigate the Gig Economy, Job Benefits, and a Budget

There’s no denying it’s an interesting time to teach financial education to teens. Research shows this generation’s relationship with money starkly contrasts the Millennials we taught before them. Gen Zers are incredibly frugal, conservative spenders who are highly cautious of debt.

They’re also the first workforce to grow up in the gig economy. More than 60 million Gen Zers are expected to join working America in the next few years, and many will opt for freelance work instead of a traditional 9-5.

Our K-12 Community Team sat down with Dr. Dan Zapp, Senior Director of Research, and Sneha Patel, Senior Product Director for Financial Education to discuss what’s needed to support Gen Z’s needs when it comes to financial wellness.

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Teens and Their Financial Futures

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