Considerable research shows that training merely presenting the law or a policy to a learner is ineffective. In fact, it can make noncompliance worse. However, when done right, reinforcing the important material in successive sessions can increase effectiveness. Learn how ongoing training can improve compliance in problematic workplace scenarios such as ethics, data security, and sexual harassment.

In this white paper, we explore three key areas of ongoing training for your organization.

The Case for Ongoing Corporate Compliance Training

Learn why corporate compliance is important, and how ongoing training is integral to company culture

An organizations’ culture will evolve based on numerous factors. Ongoing training is one of those factors. Instead of asking when an organization is done with compliance training, the appropriate question to ask is “where is the culture of the organization headed?” Ongoing training can keep an organization’s culture moving in the right direction.

  • Defines and describes the value of conduct training
  • Analyzes its application in specific compliance situations
  • Connects ongoing training with organizational culture