Fraternity and sorority letter organizations have been vibrant centers of student activity on American campuses for over a hundred years. But chapters on many campuses are often negatively linked with traditions that perpetuate dangerous alcohol-related behaviors like sexual assault and hazing. With this free EVERFI guide, learn the latest and most effective strategies to address and reduce high-risk alcohol use and other and harms among fraternity and sorority members.

Download our study from over 230k students regarding alcohol consumption, and attitudes and behaviors surrounding sexual assault.

For many teens that graduate high school, moving to and attending a university is an essential milestone on the road to adulthood. This transition often includes increased independence, new opportunities for personal and social exploration, as well as academic and intellectual development. However, with these burgeoning prospects for positive growth, there comes the increased potential for experiencing negative consequences that may result from alcohol consumption and sexual assault.

Download our white paper, and learn:

  • The kinds of populations prevention efforts should target.
  • Why bystander intervention should be applied to prevention programming.
  • Victimization rates and alcohol use correlations.
  • Implications for alcohol and sexual assault prevention.
  • Best practices to consider, and more.
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