Intel and EverFi Tackle the STEM Workforce Challenge

intel_rgb_1700EverFi is excited to announce a new partnership with Intel to provide high school students in the Bay Area access to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) career development opportunities. Through this new partnership, Intel has deepened its ongoing commitment to addressing the STEM workforce challenge with specific emphasis on diversity issues in STEM.

America’s struggles with STEM have been well documented — there simply aren’t enough US STEM job applicants to meet the growing needs of US-based companies. As a result, many tech companies are going abroad to find talent as evidenced by the spike in H1 visa applications over the last 5 years (a costly and time-consuming process).  Meanwhile, STEM industries continue to be one of the fastest growing sectors of the US economy. Projections show that that there will be over 9 million STEM related jobs available in America by 2018.

Intel Blog ImageBeyond the shortage of US STEM job applicants, there is also a considerable lack of diversity among STEM related fields. A 2013 study by the US Department of Labor revealed that women make up 47% of the total US workforce, however those numbers drop precipitously in STEM fields.  Only 13% of women are civil engineers, 8% of women are electric engineers, and only 27% of computer science jobs are filled by women.  The numbers are even more shocking when we examine the diversity issue.  Only 14% of STEM jobs are occupied by non-white/non-asian employees.

With the new partnership between Intel and EverFi, both companies will work to address root causes behind these numbers – a lack of student interest and confidence in pursuing STEM-related positions. Through EverFi’s STEM readiness course, high school students across San Jose and Santa Clara will be introduced to fundamental STEM concepts and complete fun games and exercises that help them apply what they’ve learned.

At the end of each lesson, students will be exposed to relevant career opportunities they can pursue that leverage a particular skill set.  The end result is to create a tangible goal for the students to pursue education in STEM, answering the age-old question of “when am I going to use this?”, and making skills like coding less intimidating for students to explore.

Combined with Intel’s hands-on, maker-focused efforts – we are excited to help build the next generation of STEM job seekers. To learn more about EverFi’s STEM course, Radius, and its potential to change the future of STEM, watch the demo video here.