Introducing the EverFi Teacher Ambassadors

EverFi Ambassadors BadgeWe are very fortunate to have the best teachers across the country using the EverFi platform in their classrooms. Among this diverse network of educators, a select few have emerged as exceptional champions of the program. In October, we announced the formation of the EverFi Teacher Ambassador Program — a network of 55 exemplary teachers that have enthusiastically adopted the EverFi technology and are actively sharing their experiences with colleagues across our network.

The Ambassadors will provide thought-leadership and will participate in professional development trainings for other teachers. Together, we are developing best practices to drive more rapid implementation and course adoption.


Quotes from Ambassador Teachers:

The greatest draw for me to be involved in the EverFi Ambassador Program is the opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded teachers who are infusing technology into their classrooms on a daily basis.”  

– Terri Carson, Virginia

“As an advocate for digital literacy and college/career readiness, I am very passionate when it comes to training my students with EverFi and Ignition. Being an Ambassador will assist me and my students in making the EverFi platform even better than it is now. I am honored to be selected as an EverFi Ambassador and thank you for your consideration, and the opportunity.”  

– Spencer Kiper, Louisiana

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome these leaders to the program as they’ll play a crucial role in improving the experience for our teachers and students. Your programs are sure to see the benefits.