January Student of the Month Contest Winner

Today, EverFi is excited to announce the first winner of the EverFi Student of the Month contest. Students from across North America were asked to share what the lessons they learned upon completion of one of EverFi’s K-12 learning courses and how their recent certification has helped shaped their plans for the future. We are constantly inspired by the motivating stories that come out of our student network and we look forward to hearing many more throughout the next few months!

January Winner
Rosno W.
Hayes Center High School
Ann Fornoff’s Class

EverFi HS 3 ScreensThe EverFi program has made a huge impact on the decisions I will make moving forward in life and my future career. I now know there are many different things to consider when opening a checking, or savings account, like which one will best fit your financial goals. I also have a better understanding of the stock market because of the information learned from this financial literacy program. My behavior has been impacted by making me think twice before spending money on frivolous things, and to focus more on saving. I’ve realized how important it is to put away money early, and how setting aside just a few dollars a month can make a huge difference.

My future goal is to attend the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and get a medical degree so that I can help people. EverFi has helped prepare me to achieve these goals by introducing me to the different types of loans, and interest I will accrue during this loan period. College is extremely expensive, and knowing how to handle my money will better prepare me for this next step in life.

It is important to me to have a solid understanding of my finances because I’ve witnessed a friend get their identity stolen. She didn’t take the proper precautionary steps to shred important documents and wasn’t prepared to answer questions the bank needed to correct the mistake. Going through this course, I know it’s important to check my credit score regularly to see if anything fishy is going on, and how to properly dispose of personal, financial information. Overall, this course has helped me become more responsibly, financially.