We’re thrilled to have received so many student entries for the Fall 2020 Scholarship Contest! We loved learning how EVERFI’s real-world learning courses have had a positive impact on these students’ lives, and we look forward to sharing their thoughtful and inspiring stories in the coming weeks.

Congratulations to the four U.S. scholarship winners who will each receive a $1,000 529 College Savings Scholarship, and to the Canadian winner who will receive a $1000 RESP Contribution!

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Shaun S., Florida

Through history classes we are taught the deep historical roots that racial injustice stems from within our nation. We are taught of the great movements and hardships that many have gone through to get to this point today. However, it is evident that the struggle against racial injustice in America was never truly gone. Today racial injustice stands at the forefront of many in a different form. While there is no colonialism, slavery, Jim Crow, or other structural inequalities, many encounter police brutality, racial profiling, and racial disparities showing anti-Black racism is fundamentally unchanged. There is so much anger and violence in society that many young ones are afraid they will be beat down, assaulted, or even beaten by police officers who take an oath to protect in serve. However, recently people do not even know if they can be trusted. This makes you wonder whether what we are taught truly speaks to the minds of young ones and the truth about racial injustice. 

Peyton E., Arkansas

My goals are very important to me, especially my goals for the future. I completed the EVERFI Ignition Digital Wellness and Safety course in my Exploring Business Applications class, and I learned SO much. I plan on attending the University of Arkansas to earn a school counseling degree. I have always had a deep passion for helping others. The internet has proven to be very toxic for the teenagers of today. Throughout the course I learned just how dangerous the world can be and how deeply it impacts our generation. So many students are being fooled into the ways of the world, without even realizing it. I learned how to help others through cyberbullying, detecting malware, etc. If I am going to be a school counselor it is important that I know how to keep myself and my students safe online. Statistics have shown an uprise in anxiety and depression in teens because of their identity being stolen, social comparison, etc. As a (future) school counselor, I want to help them!


Hayden E., Texas

When I take a glimpse into my future, I hope to see many things, success, wealth, and happiness. When I think about career paths to get me to this path we all seek so hard to find, i come back with a blank drawing board. This is where Everfi does its job. They showed me basics of many different skill sets i might not had known i had. I never had thought about designing with a 3d printer or taking data for sports, but now i see these things as opportunities i might have a chance with. I know feel more confident in my knowing of what i might be able to do when continuing my life outside of high school, economically and socially. Everfi even provided specific jobs that seemed to appear to my interests when I completed activities and took surveys, they also showed me what you do in detail as well as the average salary so i know what type of economics i’m getting my self into. I am know much more knowing of what i might do as a path into the remainder of my life.

Aiden K., Ontario

As we enter 2021, EVERFI’s technology plays a crucial role in developing my goals/dreams for the future. Throughout my education, I have always been interested in finance, law, and entrepreneurship. The EVERFI course “Venture- Entrepreneurial Expedition” explained the fundamentals of starting a business in an informative and fun way. As a result, I developed skills such as creating a business/marketing plan and producing an elevator pitch. In the future, I hope to become an entrepreneur in the fields of finance and law to build a lasting company. Before this course, I did not fully grasp the concept of entrepreneurship. Thus, my future was unclear. Now, these newfound skills outlining the business journey will help me achieve the goals I have set. I feel that EVERFI plays a crucial role in the education industry. Today, I look back at what I have learned from EVERFI, and my future career seems so much more attainable. Thank you EVERFI, for all the effort you put into helping me learn.

Niamh S., New Jersey

As a young woman, my goal is to help other women in the world. Looking to the future, I want to start a business that inspires girls to be confident and realize how much power is inside of them. My dream is to one day own my own business and be my own boss. Everfi has taught me all about money management, loan repayment, college tuition, credit, and so much more! If I want to start my own business, I will need to have a complete understanding of all these topics. This course has taught, for example, what paying for college tuition is truly like. I will need to know this if I want to pursue a career that gives me joy while also giving me more money because I have a degree. Now that I know how to pay for college responsibly, I can start my business earlier because I will be less in debt! This is incredibly exciting! Thank you Everfi for teaching me all about finances, and how to reach my goals responsibly!