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Creating a Culture of Inclusivity

True learning and collaboration happens when all students feel safe, included and celebrated. EVERFI’s online diversity, equity and inclusion courses allow teachers to start the conversation and build a positive class culture for everyone.

 EVERFI partners with sponsors nationwide to offer our interactive, online diversity, equity & inclusion resources to K-12 schools free of charge.

306 African American History

Self-paced, digital lessons for students in grades 8-12 - at no cost. These interactive lessons can be used in a remote or in-person setting to set the foundation for your African American history curriculum.

Lessons Include:

  • Slavery in the United States
  • Emancipation & Reconstruction
  • Jim Crow
  • Civil Rights and Beyond

Continuing the Story

New Digital Lessons for 2021 - Free for Schools

EVERFI's 306: Continuing the Story is a digital course that uses counter storytelling to reveal Black experiences that are not often told, or in many cases have been purposefully silenced. These additional lessons offer a continuation of 306: African American History, drawing connections between shaping historical events from the civil rights era to modern day. Best fit is 8-12 grades.

Lessons Include:

  • Black History’s Central Role in U.S. History
  • Black Business Titans
  • Black History Before U.S. Slavery and After the U.S. Civil Rights Movement
  • Black Trailblazers in Medicine
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BINAH: Building Insights to Navigate Antisemitism & Hate

BINAH: Building Insights to Navigate Antisemitism & Hate motivates students to identify as global citizens with respect for all people, regardless of the makeup of their school community. Topics include the impact of antisemitic attacks on American society as a whole, the vast diversity of modern Jewish life, and how to be a strong ally. The first-person narrative storyline will help students to understand the history of antisemitism and connect past events with those happening in the present. Built for grades 9-12.

Lessons Include:

  • The Impact of Antisemitism
  • Modern Jewish Life
  • Being an Ally
  • Intersectional Identities

Diversity Foundations

EVERFI’s Diversity Foundations for High School introduces learners to key concepts of identity, bias, power, privilege and oppression. This course establishes the importance of ally behavior, self-care, and creating inclusive spaces. The five mobile-friendly digital lessons can easily be integrated into any instructional setting. Best fit is 11-12 grades.

Lessons Include:

  • Introduction to DEI
  • Power, Privilege & Oppression
  • Creating a Culture of Respect
  • Identities
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Curriculum Developed with Subject Matter Experts

Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 2.54.00 PM

Dr. Clayborne Carson, Director of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute

DSC_0632 (2)

Patrice McLaurin, author, image activist and advocate for Black youth.

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The world's leading organization fighting antisemitism.

Resources to Support DEIA Instruction

Not sure where to start the conversation about race in your classroom? You can use these offline resources to supplement your DEIA curriculum.

Timeline Activity

Bring Black History into modern day with this offline timeline project.

Lesson plan paired w/ student worksheet


Use this toolkit and watch this webinar to learn more about how to talk to your students about these topics.

Anti-racism extension guide paired w/ webinar recording

Video Highlights for Your Students

Keep the conversation going in your classes with this thought-provoking YouTube playlist.


Always Free.

EVERFI's K-12 Resources Are Available at No Cost to Teachers, Schools & Districts.

Broaden Student Learning

Use these ready-made student worksheets to pair the lessons in 306 with another EVERFI course, creating a cross-curricular activity to extend student learning.

Pair Venture: Entrepreneurial Expedition lessons with “Black Business Titans” in 306: Continuing the Story to promote entrepreneurial thinking.


Pair “Stepping In” from Character Playbook with 306: Continuing the story to encourage allyship.


Pair “Black Contributions in Medicine” in 306: Continuing the Story with “Medical Machines” in Endeavor to encourage interest in healthcare careers.


Educator Webinars and Free Professional Development

Progress not perfection - we're all learning more around how to talk about race with students.

Watch these on-demand webinars to strengthen your confidence in navigating these conversations.

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