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At EverFi, we help teachers prepare their students to face real life challenges now and in the future. We believe budgetary constraints should not limit a teacher’s ability to address critical topics and teachers should be supported as they leverage digital resources in their classrooms.

We are so grateful to our community of teachers that use our resources in the classroom every day.

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EverFi Certified Teacher Program

EverFi and Bloomboard have teamed up to offer teachers the opportunity to earn a micro-credential in Financial Education instruction. Participants gain a deeper understanding of EverFi’s critical skills courses, plan for implementation within their classrooms, and become education technology advocates in their school and district.

We are currently accepting applications for the Spring 2017 cohort.

To learn more and to apply, visit the EverFi Certified Teacher Program Page and fill out the form by February, 6th 2017.


We love hearing from our network on how they are using EverFi courses in their classrooms and schools. Here are some of our favorite quotes from the community.

EverFi modules help students to be highly engaged in the instruction/learning process.

I was impressed with the students that took it upon themselves to do more and even complete all of the modules because they wanted to, not because they had to!

I was the first person in my district to use Everfi and I recommended it to many colleagues and my administrators.  Eventually, the administrators petitioned the Virginia Board of Education and now Everfi satisfies the on-line graduation requirement for my district.

The best part of using EverFi was the importance to the students of being able to access the program. They wanted to work on their EverFi course. They enjoyed the activities and were challenged and stayed engaged on the topics.

I enjoyed how engaged my students were and the the excitement that they showed when doing it.  It was very easy for me to monitor their progress and did not require any additional planning on my part.

The staff members that I worked with were great  They answered all of the questions I had and returned emails and phone calls in a timely manner.  I am not very tech-savvy and this program was easy for me to use and understand.

The best part was this is a great way to enhance skills and concepts already being taught and incorporate technology at the same time. The students enjoyed it and it provide an interactive approach to the concepts covered.

The best part of the program was the great graphics, and incorporating STEM in to my classroom. I especially enjoyed the way the science and math was integrated, so my students could practice critical math skills.

The students were engaged with the format/presentation of the program.  While they WERE learning, most viewed it more like a ‘game’ and felt that they definitely learned, but it didn’t ‘feel like school’!

I enjoy the fact that the students can immerse themselves into a module and get excellent feedback, videos, games, quizzes, etc without teacher interaction. It enriches my curriculum.

I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your help and your wonderful software program, Everfi. My students have learned so much about Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, and becoming Digital Citizens. Many of the students in this zip code do not have very good financial role models, and your program has shown them other alternatives to managing money successfully. I have so many wonderful stories where my young students have led the way for their families in negotiating money matters from evictions, car loans, and credit scores. I feel satisfied leaving my students knowing that they are so financially savvy and can make their way successfully in this world. I will continue to spread the word about Everfi because this is a program that truly makes a difference in young students lives.

Judi ShelkinSierra Linda High School

Teacher Spotlights


Teacher David Lai

Thomas Johnson Middle School
Lanham, Maryland

David was Thomas Johnson Middle’s 2014 Teacher of the Year.

How do you use Future Goals – Hockey ScholarTM in your class?
Hockey Scholar’s emphasis on critical thinking makes it relevant for all my STEM students. My 6th and 7th graders use the program as enrichment. My 8th graders are required to complete the program as a review of physical science concepts.


Teacher Lori Blank

Lafayette School
Everett, Massachusetts

Lori Blank is an instructional technology teacher at Lafayette School in Everett, MA.

Why do you use Vault – Understanding MoneyTM in your class?
It is so important to teach students the importance of being responsible with their money. I use Vault in grades 4-8 and have seen my students building skills and really understanding more about financial concepts that will help them in the future. Parents have approached me to tell me how valuable they think it is that I am teaching their children to understand money. They wish that they had learned these things when they were younger.

Teacher Mary Kay Lein

Northwest Career & Technical Academy
Las Vegas, Nevada

Mary Kay has received the Clark County School District’s “Excellence in Education Award,” and was a nominee for Nevada Educator of the Year.

How do you use EverFi’s courses in your classroom?
My Office Management class loves the financial aspects of EverFi. The class is mostly upper class men, and they enjoy learning about saving and investing. My Business Software Apps students also use Ignition. I utilize the courses as self-paced curriculum, and the students, grades 9-12, seem to love it!

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Harvard Case Study

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