build credit fundamentals laptop mockup

Build: Credit Fundamentals

Build: Credit Fundamentals teaches students the fundamentals of maintaining and managing a healthy credit score. Available in Spanish.

EVERFI Pathways: Financing Higher Education

Pathways develops informed consumers, preparing students to make wise financial decisions when considering how to best finance their higher education and pay for college. Students learn about topics like financial aid, applying for FAFSA, student loans, and budgeting for responsible loan repayment. Available in Spanish.

middle school students learning about recycling

Sustainability Foundations: Ready to Recycle

Ready to Recycle builds on the knowledge and skills that students learned in Sustainability Foundations and helps students develop strategies for becoming better informed consumers when it comes to recycling. Students will learn about single-stream recycling, the environmental impacts of mining and refining raw materials to be used in consumer goods, and how to make sustainable choices.

students decide how they would like their ideal sustainable community to look like

Sustainability Foundations

Sustainability Foundations is the introductory course to EVERFI’s Environmental Learning suite. In this introductory lesson, students learn about the interconnectedness of environmental and human systems. They are asked to reflect on the kind of future they want for the world, what it will take to get there, and the impact that individuals can have on the environment. Available in Spanish and French.

Health Literacy Curriculum for High School

EVERFI’s Health Literacy Curriculum empowers students to become advocates for their own health and financial wellness, helping them understand when and where to ask for help when making health care decisions. Available in Spanish.