March Student of the Month Contest Winner

EverFi is excited to announce the winner of the Student of the Month Contest for the month of March, Adrienne S. from Georgia! We asked students all over North America to share with us the lessons they learned after becoming certified in of one of EverFi’s K-12 learning courses, as well as how this program has helped shaped their plans for the future. Our winner this month chose to write about her experience taking the 306: African American History course and how it has changed her view of the world. We love hearing the inspirational stories that come from our student network and we look forward to hearing many more each month!

March Winner

Adrienne S.

South Cobb High School

Ms. Valentine’s Class

The EverFi 306: African American History course impacted me by providing a new way of learning. It was not just my history, but it was a history lesson for everyone. Learning about the different abolitionists and how they fought for what they believed in was amazing. My life was impacted because it expanded my knowledge about topics and things I only knew little about. The program also made sure the things that were mentioned in each course were understood by offering a short quiz. The lessons empowered and inspired me to go after what I want. No matter what consequences or trials you face, you will be satisfied with yourself once you meet your ultimate goal.

The decisions I make from now on will forever be impacted. It makes me think twice about something before I do it. Analyzing decisions will help me to spot problems before they arise. When you don’t make rushed decisions, you will be more satisfied with the end result.

This program has changed my attitude because it made me realize how far we have come. The people that came before me made the simplest things that I take for granted happen. For example, being in school with others that don’t look like me, in public restaurants, stores, etc. These are all things that are taken for granted now. It really made me stop and think about how I am living what they have dreamed of. Some of them never survived to see what they were able to make happen. My attitude and behavior was forever changed thanks to 306: African American History.