EVERFI’s Health and Wellness Network identifies the biggest and most intractable health issues facing young people today and provides population-level education initiatives that target these specific issues from any early age.


By leveraging a holistic framework dedicated to addressing important topics related to behavioral health, physical health, and social and emotional learning, the Network creates an ecosystem for continuously providing actionable education that addresses complex health challenges that communities face.

Who We Are

The Health & Wellness Network
  • Prescription Drug Safety Network

    In response to the opioid crisis, EVERFI has convened a national coalition committed to empowering students with the knowledge and skills to make healthy decisions about prescription medications.

  • Mental Wellness

    Mental Wellness Basics empowers students to take care of their mental wellness, develop and maintain a healthy mindset, and become advocates in their communities on this important topic.

  • Compassion Project

    LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner is convening a national coalition to provide compassion education to elementary schools across the US by empowering students with fundamental Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills.

  • Character Education

    The NFL and United Way Worldwide are leading a national program that empowers students with the skills to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships during their critical middle school years

  • Bullying Prevention

    Honor Code takes a practical approach to bullying prevention by empowering students to create positive change in their school community, whether they’re engaging in bullying, on the receiving end of it, or witnessing it in their school.

  • Nutrition & Fitness

    EVERFI’s game-based digital course, Healthier Me, prepares elementary and middle school students to make healthy, informed decisions when it comes to nutrition and fitness.

Our Approach

The Health and Wellness Network takes a collective approach to educating young people on these profound social issues and creating impact greater than any single organization could alone.

We believe that education should do more than just inform and instruct, but should work to ensure that every child is healthy, safe, and supported. We’re committed to enabling educators to promote the development of “the whole child” by providing learning experiences that help students practice compassion, resilience, citizenship, and healthy decision-making.