The Mental Wellness Network brings together corporations, foundations, individuals, and educators who are committed to proactively addressing the need for holistic mental wellness education among today’s youth.

The Epidemic

Proactive Solutions Through Population-Level Prevention Education

The need for mental wellness education for today’s youth is urgent. Nearly 20% of youth live with a mental health condition, and 50% of all lifetime mental illness cases begin by age 14.1 It is crucial to invest in efforts to destigmatize discussion of mental health and empower students to seek the support they need.

The Mental Wellness Network is committed to providing youth with resources they need to proactively understand, talk about, and address their own mental health. Through a partnership with education technology leader, EVERFI, the Network provides classrooms across the United States with Mental Wellness Basics, a digital course that provides students with the skills and tools they need to:

  • Establish effective coping strategies
  • Support friends in need
  • Understand when to seek help from others

1“Mental Health Facts: Children & Teens.” Mental Health Facts: Children & Teens, NAMI,

Our Focus

The Mental Wellness Network was created to bring investment, human capital, best practices, and prevention technology to schools across the nation in order to address the mental health and wellness challenges facing our youth—with a critical focus on high school prevention education.

By focusing on preventative education, the Network takes a proactive approach to mental wellness. Students are taught critical coping and communication skills that help prevent unhealthy behaviors from escalating and empower students to seek help when it’s needed.

“Educating high school students about mental wellness is an essential activity to help teens understand how to care for their own mental health, to increase the likelihood they will seek help if they are struggling; and that they will notice and know how to help if a peer may be struggling.”

John MacPhee, Executive Director & CEO, JED Foundation
Network Benefits
  • Population-Level Prevention Education

    In order to make progress on addressing youth mental wellness, we must start with evidence-based prevention programming in schools. By destigmatizing the discussion of mental health, youth are empowered to support their peers and seek help when needed.

  • Scalable Digital Solutions

    Each Network partner commits to bringing our digital high school prevention course to a select group of communities. EVERFI’s team of 150 former educators implements the program in classrooms across the country.

  • Research & Impact Reporting

    EVERFI’s robust data platform provides real-time insights into students’ attitudes and behaviors -- both locally and nationally. Partners receive annual reports highlighting their programs' impact and reach.

  • Awareness & Communication Support

    EVERFI will support a comprehensive marketing and communication plan that showcases the investment in youth mental wellness. Network partners will also be invited to participate in national Mental Wellness Network events and conferences.

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