By the time American children reach their sophomore year in college, roughly half of their classmates will have been offered at least one opportunity to abuse prescription drugs. With young people developing behaviors and opinions on drugs at such a young age, prevention should also start early. And, as more states make efforts to require opioid education in schools, educators and administrators are actively looking for effective prevention education tools for their classrooms. Learn how you can bring the Prescription Drug Safety course to your child’s school.

Bring Prescription Drug Safety to the School(s) in Your Local Community

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Parent Resources

Use these resources to help guide conversations with your children about prescription drug safety.

About the Initiative

Prescription Drug Safety is a school-based digital program that arms high school students with the knowledge and tools to make healthy, informed decisions when it comes to prescription medications. Developed by EVERFI, a leading education technology provider used in 1 in 7 schools nationwide, the 45-minute digital program blends expert-vetted content with engaging digital activities to model and reinforce positive behavior.

Prescription Drug Safety is provided to schools at no cost thanks to the support of the Prescription Drug Safety Network, a national coalition of organizations committed to combating prescription drug abuse through prevention education. The program has already reached over 130,000 students since its launch in 2017.