For Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, compassion plays a vital role in the workplace.

“In leadership, in management, it’s really become a first principle,” he said Friday on “CBS This Morning.” “Not only for myself, but for a lot of us at LinkedIn.” That approach seems to have paid off — Weiner was just ranked one of the country’s top 10 CEO’s on Glassdoor, a site where employees rate their companies and management.

One of the most important lessons he’s learned about leadership, he said, is “the importance of inspiration.” To him, that means having three things: “clarity of vision” when setting goals, “courage of your conviction,” and the ability to “effectively communicate” those qualities.

That Glassdoor ranking is far from Weiner’s only achievement. LinkedIn is currently the largest online professional platform in the world, boasting more than 630 million members using it to network and search for new jobs. It also has 20 million job postings and gets 100 million applications each month.

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