One of the most common employee complaints, sexual harassment is problematic for supervisors and managers, and a liability for the business. EVERFI’s online sexual harassment training courses foster a safe and productive work environment by training employees on what is considered sexual harassment, prevention training, and what to do if they see or experience sexual harassment. Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace will save time and money, protect employees, and build company morale.

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Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors

The most effective way to create a workplace free from sexual harassment is to empower your supervisors and give them the tools they need to identify warning signs and follow proper protocols for prevention. 

This course also offers state-specific training compliant with the laws in California (AB-1825 & AB 2053), Maine, and Connecticut.

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Our Focus

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for All Employees

    Our Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Course seeks to arm your employees with resources for identifying questionable behavior that could lead to harassment. We believe that all employees want to feel safe, protected, and supported by their superiors and coworkers, which is why we have created this course.

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors

    Inappropriate and offensive behavior affects personal well-being, morale, productivity, and exposes individuals and organizations to liability. Unfortunately, knowing that harassment and discrimination are wrong is not enough to stop it from occurring. Even well-meaning people can make decisions that are problematic or unlawful.

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