In 2018, more CEOs were dismissed for ethical lapses than for any other reason. The “tone from the top” has a trickle down effect that can be felt at every level in your organization.

EVERFI’s Global Ethics & Compliance courses provide employees and supervisors with guidance on ethical issues pertaining to workplace conduct, such as:

Code of Conduct | Anti-Corruption and Bribery | FCPA | Conflicts of Interest


Going Beyond Compliance

The Department of Justice has spoken, and their latest guidelines show it’s no longer enough to train solely against unethical behaviors, as outlined under the law, and track completion. Your ethics and compliance training must demonstrate a deeper effort to instill values, promote ethical conduct, and integrate data. Discover how our industry-leading approach to training aligns with the latest DOJ corporate compliance program guidelines.

DOJ Guidelines

EVERFI Approach

Training & Communications

Reinforce compliance training with ongoing and consistent reinforcement.


Prevention training, programs, and communication strategies that maximize engagement and drive impact.

Policy & Procedures

Create and foster a culture of ethics and compliance with the law.


The values and expectations of the organizations, and the system of accountability to uphold and enforce them.

Measurement of Effectiveness

Determine if learners have retained knowledge and built skills through climate surveys or other means.

Critical Processes

Using goal setting, strategic planning, and data analysis to inform and evaluate prevention work.

“Tone at the Top”

Leaders demonstrate commitment to the business ethics requirements.


System-wide buy-in, visible commitment, and investment in effective prevention initiatives.

EVERFI's Global Compliance and Business Ethics Training Protects Your Organization From Risk


Global Ethics & Compliance Course Topics
  • Tools for an Ethical Workforce

    - Helps employees and supervisors
    make good choices
    - Provides insight into the
    competing pressures affecting
    everyday choices
    - Allows employees to practice
    overcoming ethical obstacles
    - Reinforces the employees
    responsibility to protect the
    organization's property, reputation,
    and good legal standing

  • Code of Conduct Training

    - Modular training that allows you to tailor
    your code of conduct training to your organization
    - Details how to identify conflicts of interest at work
    - Explains the importance of diversity and
    inclusion in the workforce
    - Highlights the criticality of safeguarding
    confidential information and reviews
    actions to take to protect it
    - Uses real-world examples to explain the
    different types of intellectual property
    - Teaches employees the complex antitrust
    laws and regulations governing trade and
    competition in the workplace

  • Anti-Corruption & Bribery Compliance Training

    - Covers high-risk situations and teaches your employees how to identify violations of anti-corruption laws
    - Provides relatable scenarios and jobs specific
    compliance tips
    - Specifically touches on: anti-bribery laws,
    books, records, due diligence,
    government officials, gifts, meals,
    travel, and entertainment
    - Tailored course for third parties to
    enforce compliance with anti-bribery

  • FCPA: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

    - Reviews global anti-corruption laws your employees how to identify violations including FCPA, UK Bribery Act, and OECD
    - Provides an overview of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
    - Covers what constitutes a FCPA violation
    - Guides employees on how to avoid unintentional violations
    - Emphasizes the importance of reporting
    any potential violations

  • Business Ethics Training

    - Covers common issues in business ethics such as bribery, conflicts of interest, reporting unethical behavior and protection from retaliation
    - Challenges employees to ask critical questions about the appearance of impropriety, and uses relatable examples
    to practice navigating difficult situations
    - Offers an overview of US insider trading laws and provides practical information to help employees comply in a changing legal landscape

Use EVERFI's Global Ethics & Compliance Training to Build an Ethical Workplace

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