The modern workplace is built around diverse teams that come together to strategize, develop products, leverage each other’s strengths, solve business and institutional challenges, and keep their organizations competitive.

Diversity training for teams helps facilitate cross-cultural communication and enhances productivity, both inside and outside the workplace. You may already have a sense of what a diversity program looks like at your organization. Essentially, effective cultural diversity training is designed to bring together people from many walks of life with different experiences, including people of varying ancestries, religions, appearances, physical abilities, and lifestyles.

    All Employees / Supervisors / Non Supervisors
  • TIME:
    30-45 min
  • Languages:
    English and Spanish
    HR & People

This Course Covers

  • The challenges and rewards of internationally diverse workplaces
  • The concepts of teams, diversity, and human differences
  • The difference between a 'true' team and just a group of coworkers
  • How attitudes toward teamwork can influence the team's efforts
  • Specific team leader tips for both guidance and experiential practice

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