6th-8th Grades
    Economics, Business or Social Studies
  • TIME
    3.5 Hours
    Free for Teachers and Students
    Jump$tart Coalition’s National Standards for K-12 Personal Finance Education, National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies, State Academic Standards


By the time students reach middle school, they have already developed the capacity to understand complex economic concepts, make financial judgments, and assign value to purchases and brands. Yet the majority of today’s students don’t have the money management skills they need to navigate the modern financial world. The MassMutual Foundation has partnered with EVERFI to offer critical financial education to middle school students across the United States, absolutely free of charge.

FutureSmart empowers 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to effectively manage their finances, make sound decisions, and become financially responsible. Through a story-based narrative and interactive exercises, kids learn to make real-life decisions about their personal finances, as well as how to achieve important goals around saving money, education and career planning, and budgeting.


[Currently available only to U.S. Schools]

This Course Covers

  • Financial Values & Goal-Setting
  • Budgeting and Opportunity Costs
  • Saving and Investing
  • Payment Types
  • Banking
  • Risk vs. Return
  • Planning for the Future

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