New Resource - April 2019

Keys To Your Future is a digital course created in partnership with UBS to help teachers deliver critical career and college readiness skills to high school students.

Lessons will help high school students identify goals related to their future and realize the steps they need to take in order to achieve them. It will prepare students for a variety of post-secondary options and the workforce, offering them various pathways, regardless of cultural or economic background.

Keys To Your Future provides soft skill development, financial guidance, and transferable skills to help students plan and achieve personal goals, for success now and in the future.

[Currently available only to U.S. Schools]

    9th-12th Grades
    Counseling, CTE, Advisory, or Freshman Academy
  • TIME:
    2 Hours
    Free for Teachers and Students
    ASCA Career Development Standards

This Course Covers

  • My Life Goals
  • Preparing in High School
  • Choosing a Path
  • Balancing Life
  • Starting a Career
  • Success in Your Career

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