An organizational culture that incorporates respectful language training into their diversity programs will be able to attract and retain the best talent from a diverse pool of candidates. Successful businesses and organizations develop diversity training programs that create inclusive environments and allow their employees to thrive without fear of harassment or discrimination.

EVERFI’s Power of Respectful Language course is an essential guide to best practices for written and oral communication in the workplace. It focuses on identifying and eliminating disrespectful language choices, as well as how to approach complicated issues, such as reclaimed language and hidden stereotypes orĀ unconscious biases.

    All Employees / Supervisors / Non Supervisors
  • TIME:
    30-45 min
  • Languages:
    English and Spanish
    HR & People

This Course Covers

  • The danger of disrespectful language choices
  • Best practices for reclaimed language and de-gendering pronouns
  • How to avoid singling individuals out with unrelated information
  • Identifying and eliminating disrespectful language in the workplace
  • The relationship between respectful language and workplace environment

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