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Deepen Relationships Create Lasting Impact

Understanding how markets work and knowing how to participate in them is critical for long term wealth creation. But most students lack access to this type of education, especially those in LMI communities. Empower students in key communities with economic opportunity through a first-of-its-kind course that brings investment education to high school students.

Marketplaces is a digital learning experience that equips students with an understanding of how the market works and the confidence to participate in it. Through an engaging, gamified learning experience, students blend economic concepts with investing topics to learn how the government, corporations, and individuals come together to participate in the financial marketplace.

By providing Marketplaces to schools in your community, you have the opportunity to build trust and improve the financial capability of your next generation of consumers.

Partner Impact Story

Building Real-World Financial Capability

Since 2010, BB&T has partnered with EVERFI to bring financial education to more than 920 high schools across 11 states all at no cost to schools. Students in the BB&T program saw a significant increase in knowledge gained as well as positive changes in attitudes and behaviors.

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Sponsor Critical Investment Education in Your Community

  • Grade Level
  • TIME:
    Five 10-20 minute modules with accompanying offline lesson plans
    Aligns with National and State Jump$tart Standards

This Course Covers

  • Stock exchanges
  • Global markets
  • Risk and return
  • Long-term investing
  • Asset allocation
  • Venture capitalism
  • Inflation and deflation

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